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Bulb Designed Surveillance Camera Motion Detect & Night Vision

Bulb Designed Surveillance Camera Motion Detect & Night Vision

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iBulb is a high tech security camera cleverly disguised
as a light fixture that catches crystal clear video, day or night. With an
adjustable goose-neck accessory, an adapter to fit on non-standard sockets, and
perfectly clandestine modern light fixture design, this camera is the ultimate
affordable security tool for your home or business.

Detailed Features:

Clever Design: It has a modern design and made from premium
materials that mimic a high-end, energy-efficient light fixture, helping it
settle comfortably into any office, retail, or home environment.

Motion Detector: The built-in motion sensor is finely tuned to
detect movements within 26 feet. Motion detection mode allows for optimal
efficiency, preventing the camera from recording continuously throughout the
night (unless you have an unwanted guest).

Night Vision: 24 infrared LED 940nm lights surround the camera’s
sensor, shedding invisible light onto the scene. Even in a pitch-black cash room
at night, it will provide indisputable video evidence of any crimes.

Fits Any Socket: Its built-in attachment matches standard E27 light
sockets. Most users can just take it out of the box and screw it directly into
the chosen spot without any complicated installation procedures. International
buyers or anyone with non-standard sockets can apply an adapter for an easy

Record for Months: It is designed for long-term surveillance of
sensitive locations, like high-traffic cash registers, cash rooms, entrances
and exits, nurseries, any room with a safe, staircase, loading bays, or offices
where building security systems either don’t reach or aren’t enough. In motion
detection mode, you can potentially record these locations for months before
filling the MicroSD memory card. In high-traffic areas that require constant
monitoring, the camera will record continuously for over a week before looping
(overwriting eldest video data).

High Quality Video & Audio: The cutting edge CMOS sensor in the camera
is accompanied by an AMR9 32-bit Microprocessor, enabling incredible quality
and clarity. Video is recorded in 3GP format at a resolution of 640×480, which
you can cut down to 352×288 if conserving storage space is a priority. Real Time
mode records video at 1 frame-per-second until the motion detector is
activated, when it jumps to 12 FPS. In Motion Detection mode, it will record
only at 12 FPS, and only while it detects movement.

Adjustable Views: The included gooseneck attachment allows you to
adjust the angle of the camera however you want. Even if you don’t have an
ideally placed light socket, you can still put it in the nearest one and direct
it to record wherever you need.

Time and Date Stamps: All footage recorded by the camera is
automatically watermarked with the date and time, making your recordings easy
to look through, store, keep organized, and use in legal proceedings (should
the need arise). This feature is optional.

Easy to Review Footage: In Real Time mode, it saves videos in
30-minute bursts. Each 30-minute video file is stored as an individual,
time-stamped record, making it easy to look through weeks or months of footage
at a time. In Motion Detection mode, the camera will save files at a minimum of
2 minutes all the way up to 30 minutes, stopping at whatever point the movement

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Bulb Designed Surveillance Camera Motion Detect & Night Vision Details:

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